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Case Study: Hay There Social Media


Emily Hay is the founder of Hay There Social Media. This resource teaches moms how to use social media to generate an income that will allow them to spend more time with their children. As a mom, she had a tight schedule and needed to ensure two things happened before her webinar.

  • A marketing automation sequence that will send emails to new users as they sign up to inquire about her course.
  • Subscription payment system to allow her to collect single payments for the course and recurring fees for the coaching.


Integrated payment system.

We chose Stripe for two main reasons.

  • Subscription payment integration
  • Customer Support
  • Frictionless branding

Stripe allows users to collect payments easily on a one-time and recurring base and has impressive customer support compared to other vendors. And the checkout page needed to be more varied, which didn’t conflict with her current brand elements. This will prevent users from questioning the legitimacy of her brand or product.

Marketing Automation.

Active Campaign was the email automation vendor of choice. Emily already had an account with them so getting started was a breeze. We were to place her 17 emails and placed them in sequence for new leads.

The sequence was programmed to send follow-up emails after a particular time and specific emails to those who haven’t made a purchase.

This has resulted in a very successful campaign that helps her sell multiple copies of her course, ranging between $400 – 3000 USD.


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